Workcamping, a Commitment

Over the years i have met a lot of new people and most of them were Great workcampers. what makes a great workcamper is his commitment to the position.  When a workcamper makes a five month commitment and honors it, that is half the battle for the campground. This is the biggest complaint with campground owners.  When a workcamper up and leaves a campground half way through the season, he is not only hurting the campground, but they are putting  burden on the other workcampers on location.  Here at we are working on a rating system for workcampers.  This will do a couple of things for you. With this new rating system it will put you a above other workcamper programs when it comes time to get a new position because it will show the Campground owner your commitment in the past which puts you up front.  This should make getting positions easier.  Remember that when you accept a position, you are giving that campground your word, that you are going to stay for the full term.